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Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

It’s nearly a hour that this blog has been born and my lack of any sense of technology is already showing itself, as I’m understanding nothing -like total zero- about how it works this blog-thing. Lol, such a nice way to start.

Sooo, I’m Duke and I’ll probably use this blog for ‘my personal review’ to contemporary (and old) movies, literature and, of course, the social/cultural themes contained in these common media.

It doesn’t escape me the banality of my purpose, so just bear with me. I hope you’ll find it somewhat enjoyable ♥

And I’d like to apologize in advance for my english, which -I promise you- will be terrifying since it’s not my mother language and most likely based on the help of google translate.

Ossequi (regards)

_Duke (▰˘◡˘▰)

Here’s a side note regarding the blog’s title, bashful bones: it’s a rough translation from the italian phrase la timidezza delle ossa (literally, ‘timidity of the bones’), which is my favourite phrase ever, I don’t know why, I just love its sound and the implications that such phrase carries.